Finance Options

Finance Options

Holden Financial Services has a range of options to suit both individual and business needs.

Consumer Loan and Security

Our Consumer Loan and Security Agreement plan is one of the most popular methods of financing a new or used vehicle. You can drive away, pay as you go, and at the end of the finance term you own the vehicle.

Benefits of a Consumer Loan and Security Agreement
  • Affordability
    By spreading the cost of the vehicle over an agreed term, you can easily work repayments into your budget.
  • Flexibility
    We can vary your initial deposit and contract length to suit you. We can also structure repayments to your individual circumstances, such as fluctuations in income or company bonuses.


Whether you're self-employed with just one vehicle, or you run a business with several vehicles or a fleet, it makes good sense to lease to free up valuable capital. Holden Financial Services offers two leasing options - a Finance Lease or an Operating Lease.

Finance Lease

Benefits of a Finance Lease
  • Flexibility
    Payments can be structured to align with your business' circumstances, such as fluctuations in income.
  • Unlimited kilometre allowance
    There's no kilometre allowance. However, the expected kilometres travelled during the lease will be taken into account when calculating the expected price to minimise your residual risk.  

Operating Lease - designed for businesses with a fleet of vehicles

Benefits of an Operating Lease
  • Low initial outlay
    Only one advance monthly rental payment is required.
  • No residual (depreciation) risk
    At the end of the term you simply return the vehicle and can replace it with another. We take care of the sale of the vehicle and there is no residual risk. 
  • Fully maintained option
    If you choose a fully maintained lease, the costs of routine servicing, replacement tyres and re-licensing are included in your regular payments.
  • Credit limit 
    Holden Financial Services will set up a credit limit based on your total fleet requirements, so you only have to fill in one set of paperwork and simply order vehicles as you need them, within that limit.

Smart Buy

The smart way to buy your new Holden.

If you'd like to discuss which option is best for you, visit your local Holden Dealer.


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